Forward Fruit is a Chicago-based design studio. We create soulful interiors and environments that are exciting, beautiful, and inspire connection. Our work can be described as whimsical, classic, relaxed, textural and colorful. Our services extend from individuals and families, to emerging and established brands.


We are a highly collaborative practice, and rely on the intuition and participation of our clients to create truly welcoming spaces. As much as possible, we incorporate eco friendly materials, small businesses, vintage wares and artisan made objects into our work. This is because we believe this creates a space with a sense of depth and timelessness that you will appreciate for many years to come. No matter the client or the scope, we will work with you to find your aesthetic voice, and express it beautifully.

Meet Elise

A classically trained interior designer with a deep knowledge of the decorative arts, Elise grounds each space with vintage, handmade, and heirloom pieces, recontextualizing them with a confident infusion of color, pattern, or oftentimes, both.

Elise mixes aesthetic genres with ease, so her designs speak to trends but rise above their short-lived waves. Personalized design elements help clients' connection to their spaces deepen over time. 

Elise oversees all projects with the assistance of  a small but mighty team from her Chicago studio, enabling her to accommodate the needs of her clients efficiently and collaboratively.

Elise holds a BFA in Interior Design and Architectural Studies from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and a Masters of Design Strategy from the Institute of Design at Illinois Institute of Technology.