I’ve always been an “art kid”, if you will. Art in highschool, art in college, art, art, art. It has really been the privilege of my life to be able to rely on making things during tough times. So it really just added up that I would go back to painting during the spring of 2020.

That May, I had a dream that everyone was wearing pink underpants, and they were all visible through X-ray type vision. Maybe it’s because we were barely putting pants on during those months, but painting these butts was a great way to ease anxiety. 

I laid out a pattern, now named “Walk Away.”

To my throngs of fans for this pattern: Do not worry! I will be incorporating this as part of the next collection.

After that, I started envisioning more and more patterns, and have since created over 30 distinct patterns, in anywhere between 4 and 7 colorways.

But wallpaper has always held a special place in my heart. My late mother, a nurse-turned-heathcare consultant, absolutely loved a room refresh. I remember going to showrooms and shops with her to pick out new papers. I had at least three wallpapers in my childhood bedroom. (Successively, not concurrently, although I wouldn’t have put it past us) I hope that somewhere, somehow, she is aware of this collection, the seed of which, no doubt, is because of her. I do know that if she saw this first one, she would absolutely love it.